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There are many ways to get involved in politics.

You can help the Party or you can volunteer to help your favorite candidates directly. Additionally you can volunteer as a Knox County poll worker. See the contact information at the bottom of this page to contact the party. Use the links below to contact specific candidates. See the information below to volunteer as a poll worker.

Tennessee Presidential Primary: Donald J Trump
Criminal Court Judge, Division II: Kyle Hixson
Public Defender: Eric Lutton
Knox County Commission District 2: Grant Rosenberg
Knox County Commission District 4: Kyle Ward
Knox County Commission District 5: John Schoonmaker
Knox County Commission District 6: Terry Hill
Knox County Commission District 8: Richie Beeler
Knox County Commission District 9: Carson Dailey
Assessor of Property: John R. Whitehead
Knox County Law Director: David Buuck


Another way to get involved is to meet others who are involved in various GOP Clubs around the county.  To find out how, visit our calendar of meetings and contact information pages..

How ever you decide to get involved, you are encouraged to join us & elect Republicans.

Knox County Election Commission Seeks Additional Poll Officials for August Election

Knoxville – The Knox County Election Commission is recruiting additional poll officials for the August 6 State and Federal Primary and County General Election. Workers are being sought for polling places as well as for the absentee ballot counting board. Knox County residents can apply online at www.knoxvotes.org or by calling 215-2480.

“Knox County residents have the opportunity to play a pivotal role in democracy by becoming a poll official for the August election,” said Chris Davis, Administrator of Elections. “This is an opportunity for anyone to serve both our county and our state and get paid for their efforts.”

Poll officials are compensated for working during early voting and on Election Day, as well as for attending required training sessions. Knox County election workers can make $200 for attending training and then working on Thursday, August 6.

Poll officials perform various tasks to help polling sites run smoothly, including greeting voters, answering questions, processing voters, and explaining how to cast a ballot. Any voter is eligible to apply, regardless of political affiliation.

Qualifications to be a poll official:

• Be a registered voter if 18 or older

• Be at least 16 years old (New law passed this year; the previous age was 17 years old)

• Not be a candidate or close relative of a candidate

• Be able to read and write in the English language

The following government employees can now also serve as poll officials:

• City of Knoxville or Knox County employees, unless working directly under the supervision of an elected official on the ballot

• State of Tennessee employees

• Federal employees – consult your Human Resources department to ensure eligibility

For more information or to sign up to become a poll official, visit www.knoxvotes.org or call 215-2480.


Chris Davis, APR


Knox County Election Commission

300 Main Street, Ste. 218

Knoxville, TN 37902


COVID-19 related issues

We are aware it may be difficult to find acceptable places to meet as Knox County reopens. If you are a Republican Club, Republican Campaign, or Conservative Organization and in need of a place to meet, please contact the chairman, Randy Pace.
(cell) 609-760-5394
(headquarters) 865-249-7805

The Executive Committee Meetings WILL take place as scheduled.

Knox County Republican Party Precinct Training WILL take place as scheduled.

Please contact individual clubs to see if they are meeting.

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